Quad Proof Body

  • WATER 5m Waterproof

    5m/16.4ft Waterproof

    Whether you drop it into water or dive with it, IPX6/IPX8 certified waterproofing keeps Everio running.

  • SHOCK 1.5m Shockproof

    1.5m/4.9ft Shockproof

    Accidental droppage can destroy an ordinary camcorder, but Everio is built tough to take it in stride.

  • DUST 1.5m Shockproof


    IP5X certified dustproofing lets you use Everio in some seriously dusty environments without worry.

  • FREEZE -10ºC Freezeproof

    -10ºC/14ºF Freezeproof

    Take Everio out in the snow or on the slopes – even if you’re freezing, Everio will keep working.

Internal Long-Life Battery

5H Internal Long-Life Battery

5H* Internal Long-Life Battery

With a high-capacity battery built into the camcorder, you’ll have plenty of power to shoot entire events without worry, and with no risk of damage by having to change the battery in bad weather.

* 5H is the approximate time of continuous recording if the internal battery has been fully charged, when the LED light (if available) is off, the monitor backlight is set to standard mode, and without the use of zoom function.

Compatible with Portable Battery

Compatible with Portable Battery*
and USB Charging

In emergency situations where you need a little more juice, just connect a portable battery* (commercially available smartphone accessory) and keep on shooting. Or you can Quick Charge via micro USB terminal to extend recording time as well.

* When used with a portable battery of over 1.0A, 5V and over 5200mAh. Compatibility is not guaranteed for all portable batteries.

Powerful Zoom

60x Dynamic Zoom

40x Optical Zoom

Everio offers 40x optical zoom so you can zoom-in on subjects that are far away and maintain full optical quality.

60x Dynamic Zoom*

Powerful CMOS maintains HD resolution even when exceeding the optical zoom range.

* Limited to 55x when Advanced Image Stabilizer (AIS) is set to ON. Dynamic Zoom does not work when AIS is set to Enhanced mode.

Zoom Microphone

Zoom Microphone

The zooming microphone changes the focal point to match the picture from wide to tele, so you can always hear what you see.

Low Light Performance

Super LoLux

Super LoLux

Everio’s Super LoLux ensures superior sensitivity to low light. With a 2.5M Back-illuminated CMOS sensor, you can capture clear images with precise colors even in low light. No worry while indoors or in dark situations.

Quality and Creativity

Full HD 1920x1080 Recording

Full HD 1920x1080 Recording

AVCHD enables you to record, watch and share excellent video with native Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. And with 1080/60p progressive recording (GZ-R450B exclusive), each individual frame is a complete, high-resolution picture, so you can capture blur-less still images from recorded video.

Enhanced Image Stabilization

stabilizerEnhanced Image Stabilization

Everio features A.I.S. (Advanced Image Stabilizer) technology for effective camera-shake compensation, especially in the wide-angle range.

K2 technologyK2 Technology

The same audio technology used in recording studios to restore sound elements that are lost during digital compression, assures realistic sound of recorded scenes. K2 is applied during the recording process so it’s effective even when playback isn’t done at the camcorder.

Auto Wind Cut

10 Megapixel Stills

In addition to Full HD video, Everio can also record still pictures with an image size of up to 10 Megapixels. Enjoy stills with zoom power that digital still cameras and smartphones just can't match.

Auto Wind Cut

Auto Wind Cut

Automatically turns Wind Cut ON and OFF depending on wind conditions using an original algorithm and tuning, so scenes won’t sound noisy or unnaturally muted.

Auto Wind Cut

Close-up Sub-Window*

You can enlarge a specific area of the screen and record both the sub-window and the original screen simultaneously. Keep an eye on the whole team while getting a special close-up look at your hero.

* GZ-R450B exclusive.

Time-Lapse REC

Time-Lapse REC

Time-Lapse REC records one frame at a time at set intervals (1sec. – 80sec.). So you can watch movement that’s hours long in just a few seconds when played back. It’s great when you want to observe an event that takes place over a long period of time or to record unique-looking scenes in a creative way.

Special Effects Video Recording

Interesting visual effects to spice-up any scene. Works with still images too.

  • Rough Monochrome
    Grainy MonochromeTurns any scene into a rough black & white image like an old film!
  • Food Mode
    Food ModeAny dish looks more delicious as colors of foods are accented to “bring out the flavor”!
  • Baby Mode
    Baby ModeBaby skintones are enhanced to bring out every smile!
Big-Button On-Screen Menu

Big-Button On-Screen Menu

Menu buttons are enlarged for enhanced visibility and operability. And thanks to the pressure-sensitive touch panel, you can operate it even while wearing gloves.

Everio MediaBrowser 4 Software

Everio MediaBrowser 4 Software

Windows PC software supplied for easy import, management and editing of your videos. Provided in the built-in memory of the camera.

Works with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X

Works with iMovie and Final Cut Pro X

You can edit your video afterwards with iMovie or Final Cut Pro X just like the pros do.

Mobile User Guide

Mobile User Guide

Now you can check the instructions on the spot even while you’re away.

  • Select Mobile User Guide via on-screen menu and a QR code will appear on Everio’s LCD.
  • Read the QR code and access the site using your smartphone.
  • Select a language and your Everio’s model name, then the site will show the Mobile User Guide.
  • Select the item of interest and get instructions on the spot!

Quad Proof Specifications

  • Waterproof: Equivalent to IEC Standard publication 529 IPX6/IPX8
  • Dustproof: Equivalent to IEC Standard publication 529 IP5X
  • Shockproof: Clears company testing compliant with “MIL-STD-810F Method 516.5 Shock: dropping onto plywood
    3cm/1-3/16” thick from a height of 1.5m/4.9ft "
  • Freezeproof: Allowable operating temperatures: -10ºC/14ºF to 40ºC/104ºF

Precautions for Quad Proof Function

  • Malfunction due to misuse by the customer is not covered by warranty.
  • Before use in water, be sure to read the “Detailed User Guide” in the built-in memory of the camcorder.
  • Close the connector cover firmly until it clicks and confirm that the red sign completely goes off.
  • Make sure that there is no damage to and no foreign material adhered to the packing inside the cover.
  • Use the camcorder in marine water and fresh water not deeper than 5m/16.4ft and for not more than 30 minutes.
  • The waterproof functionality cannot be guaranteed if the camcorder is subject to impact such as dropping.
  • Do not apply impact in water.
  • Do not soak the camcorder in hot springs or water of 40ºC/104ºF or higher.
  • Dustproof function is not meant to encourage use on sand. Avoid use in conditions where sand and/or dust particles can become lodged in moving parts such as the LCD monitor hinge and zoom lever.
  • Temperatures between 0ºC/32ºF and -10ºC/14ºF temporarily lower battery performance, reducing the time available for recording.
  • Quad Proof is not a guarantee of protection against damage and malfunction.

Software System Requirements ( Windows® )

Everio Media Browser™ 4

  • Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 8.1 Pro (64-bit edition, pre-installed)
  • Windows® 8 / Windows® 8 Pro (64-bit edition, pre-installed)
  • Windows® 7 Home Premium (32-bit edition/64-bit edition, pre-installed, SP1)
  • Windows Vista® Home Basic / Home Premium (32-bit edition/64-bit edition, pre-installed, SP2)
Intel® Core™ Duo, at least 1.66GHz
For further details, see the Detailed User Guide.

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